Is Greece a good honeymoon destination?

When it comes to trips, vacations may be really important because they allow us to “recharge our batteries”, but the honeymoon trip is way more important for one simple reason: you get to go to vacation each year but you only get one honeymoon trip. This is why thousands of couples from all over the world try their best to organize the perfect honeymoon. This the one trip where nothing can go wrong. This is the one that has to be filled with nothing but fun and good memories. Perhaps the most important part of the trip is the destination and this is where things can get a bit tricky.

Exotic or relatively local?

When it comes to honeymoon trips, a lot of couples seem to think that the only destinations that can provide them unique experiences and memories that will live in forever are the exotic ones, i.e. destinations in countries that are really far from the couple’s home, preferably in another continent. A once in a lifetime trip should be to a destination that probably won’t be visited again by the couple. This is the main reason why destinations such as Bali, Sri Lanka and islands such as the Maldives are so popular with newlyweds.

One can’t deny that a couple’s honeymoon should be an unforgettable experience, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they should have to travel for hours on end and go through a lot of red tape in order to plan their trip and get to their destination. There are places in the world that despite not being considered or hard to reach are so beautiful and romantic that can offer couples an amazing honeymoon that they will remember forever. One of the most popular “non exotic” destinations in the world is a tiny country in Europe called Greece.

An amazing honeymoon in Greece

What makes Greece stand out when it comes to honeymoon destinations are its islands. The Greek islands – of which there are literally thousands – are known all over the world for their amazing atmosphere and their natural beauty. Islands such as Santorini are among the most unique and photographed places in the world and they are only a few thousand miles away from most major European cities! The Greek islands are constantly features in lists with the most romantic destinations in the world and this is why thousands of couples from all over the planet visit them to celebrate their wedding. In fact, some couples actually choose to get married there, as well!

Greece is a really popular tourist destination so chances are that you will visit the country again sometime in your lifetime, especially considering that getting there is not hard or expensive. However, that doesn’t make it any less ideal for your honeymoon. Greece has so many islands and places to visit that should you visit it again as a tourist and you would like to keep the memories of your honeymoon intact, you can just not visit the places you honeymooned in. There’s more than enough beauty to go around in Greece. If you are thinking of making your honeymoon in the Greek islands dream come true, don’t hesitate to do so and you will not be disappointed.